Hi guys! I realized that I have not posted in probably a month and I'm here to explain why. In the beginning of August I started working at my first ever job and as you can imagine, that took a lot of my time. Soon after, I started school and decided to take a couple of online classes because I still wanted to keep up with my blog. It took a while to get used to the transition from summer and relaxing to work and school everyday! I now have gotten a set schedule for everything and decided that I will no longer be posting on here three times a week with mediocre posts. Starting next week I will have better, more interesting and good quality blog posts every Friday morning. I want to be taking my own pictures and focusing mainly on one thing or product each week rather than getting over the previous post every other day. I have also taken a little bit of this break to come up with new ideas as well as decide what it is that I want to change on my blog. I hope you guys are ready for the upcoming months, because I know I am! I am so looking forward to see what I can create and extremely excited for what's to come. Cheers!