It feels like every time I take a break from posting (or more realistically, forget I still have a blog) I come back with the need to explain where I've been for the past couple of months. Today is no different. I realize that not everything in life needs to be justified, and sometimes it's better to pick up where you left off, but here I am!! Last night I went through my blog, read my favorite posts that I've made, and updated certain areas of my blog. While doing this I skipped the "FOR YOU" page, like always because I felt like this was the most boring page on my blog, until today when I clicked on it and realized that its kind of like an online diary for me. 

Anyway,  I have not posted anything on my blog since December of last year (2015); IT'S LITERALLY AUGUST 11TH (2016). Of course I tried writing throughout this time and have things saved in my drafts that I don't think are good enough to post. Sooo, let me tell you some of the things that have happened in my life in these past 8 months (??).  WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. I think in like May or around there, work relocated about an hour and a half north from where it was before, which kind of sucks but my family is working on that currently - literally, as I type this. Also, I started a youtube channel sometime in March. That has been going relatively well. I try to post a video every week but considering sometimes I don't have any video ideas or anything to post on there, that doesn't always happen. I actually love it though. I'm still pretty awkward on camera, but it's honestly so much fun. Besides that - fall semester is coming up in like 2 weeks, I still haven't gotten any classes, but I will probably do that right after I finish writing this post. I think I'm getting online courses again because since there's so much going on and work is pretty far, its just not ideal. Along with that, I honestly don't really like the idea of going to school at the moment. But yeah, that's basically it. Well not really, but if I got into details, this post would be way too long.

I always say this but I actually do have so many ideas for blog posts and I am so excited to start this back up again!!


Thanks for stickin' w me!!!!! 



Michelle Santillan